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3-5 Years

Our preschool teachers are early childhood educators who provide children with materials and activities that promote creativity, innovation, engagement, and high-level thinking.  The environment is set up in centers that give students the opportunity to make their own choices, be independent, and extend their learning. Teachers observe children, document their interest, and plan lessons according to their findings. This allows teachers be intentional in their lesson planning, while still meeting the needs and developmental goals for each student as they prepare for Kindergarten.

Nap Time

There will be daily naps or rest periods for all the children enrolled in childcare. A parent/guardian may provide a small blanket or similar item to stay at daycare for their child to nap with. A napping cot and sheet will be provided for each child. The child-owned napping items must be taken home weekly for cleaning. We ask that a child not bring more than one item to sleep with and all items for napping must fit in the child’s cubby. Parents please be mindful of a child that is allowed to sleep in too late may not be ready to nap at the designated time and therefore, may create a disturbance for others. This can be grounds for termination if it is deemed to be on-going. A change in the parent/guardian’s schedule does not change a child’s routine and schedule at preschool.


Full Time Only (At this time)

  • $200/Week

Administration Fee (Due at time of enrollment)

  • $100 (non-refundable)

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6:30 AM - 5:30 PM
(317) 244-5835

24 S Lynhust Drive Indianapolis, IN 46241

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