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After many months of research, meetings, surveys, prayer and application...we are excited to share that BFWC received a matching community ministry grant of $28,000.00 for outreach through Center For Congregations, funded by Lily Endowment Inc. 


In this endeavor, we are investing in a Mobile Food Truck that will broaden our outreach efforts in Indianapolis.  After much input from our church and community, we realize that there continues to be a great need in providing physical, spiritual and emotional healing.  It is our desire to be able to minister to those in need and create environments that will not only bring relief but also relationship in Christ. 


We have received $28,000.00, but must also raise $28,000.00 to fulfill our responsibilities.  


On Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, we are asking our congregation & friends to give a RESURRECTION SEED offering. We need your financial support to make this dream a reality!


Imagine the possibilities...

  • Feeding the Homeless 

  • After School Assistance 

  • Student Outreach

  • Community Events

  • Disaster Relief

  • Etc.


Wherever there is a need, BFWC can be there...fulfilling it's mission of "Maturing In Christ & Reaching In Love!"


Your generosity is greatly appreciated!



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