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Whether you’ve been a part of BFWC for the full 53 years of our existence or you’ve just come aboard in the last month or two, we are embarking on what I believe is going to be an exciting and thrilling time in our journey as a church.  We are fully convinced that the Lord is calling us to seek Him together like never before.

As we approach this strategic time, we are positioned as a church in one of the fastest growing cities on the east coast in terms of population, location, visibility, property and facilities.  God has given us an incredible opportunity. He has, indeed, set before us a great and open door, and the time to capitalize on that momentum is now.


The vision God has set before us requires our willingness to be challenged as ordinary people and to let God, through us, do extraordinary things. He has chosen to allow us the privilege and responsibility of being a part of seeing our community transformed by the grace of Christ.


Taking new ground for God always takes a movement of His hand in the lives of His people.  I call upon each of you to seek the face of God for the future direction of our church.


I’m inviting you to embark on this exciting and thrilling journey.  We are seeking God and asking critical questions of our Lord to direct our actions. Most importantly, we will be praying for God to speak and us to hear. I pray it is life changing for all of us.


Psalm 27:8 “When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD will I seek.”


This is your opportunity

  • To make a difference with your money

  • To do something significant that will outlast your life.

  • To be part of a miracle


There is no greater investment than to invest in God’s Kingdom in the task of telling people how Jesus can change their lives. It deserves our best! We love you, and we thank God for the privilege of serving here with you. We are praying the Lord’s blessings upon you, as He guides and directs you in this privilege to bless generations to come!




Russell & Beverly Hylton

Lead Pastors

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