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February 5, 2020

BFWC Family,

Today, a Winter Weather Advisory predicts ICE accumulations of around two tenths of an inch, with highest amounts along the I-70 corridor. We will probably get some snow but the major concern is the FREEZING RAIN that starts around 4 PM and into the evening - during the time of our commute, before & after church, making travel hazardous.  


BFWC always considers FIRST, the safety of our people who are traveling to & from service; SECOND, the timing of snow/weather and how it impacts the roads, our parking lot & our ability to clear walkways/parking lots in a timely manner, etc.; THIRD, we can move snow but we cannot melt ice...which is the most hazardous.


It's challenging to make a decision about cancelling a service/event when we cannot control how the weather timeline will impact our travel & safety. However, we want to make an informed decision about tonight's service that gives families time to plan accordingly, based on weather predictions. 


We will be cancelling service this evening.


FYI: In the event that BFWC cancels a service, you can expect to find cancellation information on the following:




Russell & Beverly Hylton
Lead Pastors

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