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Happy Monday BFWC Family! (PLEASE READ)

Summer is here and that warm weather we've been craving has arrived. For most of us, the summer months never seem to last long enough, especially for students on break from classes, or others who enjoy outdoor activities and scheduled vacations.

Life was never meant to be lived in fast forward without pausing for times of refreshing and relaxation, so I believe it is important to find a way somehow to take a break when you are able. Even Jesus Himself took time to get away from the people for rest and fellowship with His Father so it would seem this would be an example we should follow.

With all that said, those of us who are on staff of churches often look forward to Summer being over! You might ask why that would be the case, but the reality is that so many are gone at various times throughout the Summer that it becomes a challenge to see ministries function with the same intensity and fervor as during non-vacation months.

Finances are a bit more “interesting” as well as many who are regular in their giving have either stopped or held back a bit. And yet, our ministry commitments, mission's support, salaries, campus maintenance, etc., all continue. We would like to encourage each and every one to continue in faithful support both prayerfully and financially during these months.

As we enter into this new season, we are excited about what God is doing, as well as the things He will be doing in the months ahead as we become willing vessels in His hands.

God is faithful! I believe His faithfulness is not only for our benefit, but also serves as our example to be faithful as well in all of these areas.

Rest assured, we are here to serve you and we trust God will continue to richly bless you as you serve Him.

Please consider giving an extra offering and/or recommitting to the believer's tithe. You will continue to strengthen your church and strength will also come to your house.



Blessings in Christ,
Pastors Russell & Beverly

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