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Dear Team,


Tonight, we will kick off our 2017 Season of Basketball & Cheerleading. Beverly and I want to thank Payton & Kim Williams for their leadership in our Sports Ministry.  Their passion for this ministry has continued to propel it toward our dream (vision).


Every volunteer that has come on board this year is greatly appreciated. No matter what you do, in whatever capacity, you are very much appreciated!  (leaders, coaches, helpers, etc.)  It takes many people to make this ministry function with excellence.


As we prepare to launch tonight & tomorrow, we want to always be mindful of what it was like when we walked into the doors of BFWC the very first time.  We want to provide the very best experience for our guests as well as our existing members.


New families are potential “building material” for our Lord.   I want you to remember that when you’re serving.  Make sure you smile.  Use good manners and set the standard for professionalism and Christian love.


There are many areas that need to be mindful of:


  • Signage in place that directs the flow of people.  The gym doors by the admin office are kept closed.  There is a sign on those doors that points people to the other entrance.  There quite possibly would need to be a sign on the inside of that door that says “NO EXIT” if it’s not already there.  This will keep everyone flowing in and out of the gym by the vending machines.

Additional signage: The restrooms by the Worship Center will have signs on them that say “Out of Order.”


  • Keep the announcers area immaculate.  Please, lets be PROFESSIONAL.  No laying around on the stage or kids behind the announcement table.  This is a place for announcers and staff only.  Whoever is announcing, please do your best to speak with good grammar and remember that we represent the church.

Watch the level of the sound and the microphone. We want the room to be filled with sound but not blasting people out of their seats. When announcing, remember that less is more.Do not be a distraction to the players or the refs with the announcing or the music. Coaches and refs need to be able to communicate to their players without it being chaotic.


We are not a club. We are a church. Be respectful of what music is played.


  • Welcome everyone and announce the teams (Home, Away and Cheer)

  • With music playing, announce the team name and then begin announcing the students name and number.  When their name is called, they will run through the tunnel and line up on the half court line (facing the American flag). Do this for all teams and announce the coaches name before announcing the next team.

  • Start the music for the NATIONAL ANTHEM and ask everyone to stand and remove their hats.

  • Next, have all the teams join in center court in a large circle  and ask one of our Pastors / Ministry Leaders to pray.  (Whoever prays should make sure to mention things like, “unity, Christ-like spirit, team work, safety, fun, etc.) NO MUSIC during prayer.

  • Start music after prayer and have teams head to their bench and get lined up.  Then call for the teams to send their players to the half court line to line up.

  • This is a good time to announce the concession stand and any other announcements.

  • We only have 1 hour from start to finish to get the game played.  PLEASE do not waste any time.  WE MUST stay on point to start each game at the top of each hour.

  • After the game, instruct parents to meet their students in the RED room to receive their awards, etc.

  • Also, ask people to pick up any trash they may see and assist us with keeping the gym clean.


  1. Clean up the areas around you.  The hallways, restrooms, bleachers, etc.   Please make sure that the BROOMS are easily accessible, a MOP bucket is handy for spills, trash bags for trash cans that may begin to overflow.  It is imperative that we clean up AS WE GO so that it’s not a disaster.

  2. Greeters and Hallway attendants should be mindful of any activity that looks suspicious. Please keep all food and drinks out of the hallway and only in the gym.

  3. Coaches should keep their teams together.  When the devotion is taking place, during half time, EVERYONE should be seated, quiet and actively listening – giving respect to the person sharing the devotion.

  4. If you are sharing a devotion.  Please share something inspiring and be finished within 5 minutes.  Do not speak DOWN to the audience.  Make sure you stand in the center of the court and continually look all the way around the room so you’re addressing everyone in the gym.  Be POSITIVE.  Speak clearly. Get their attention and share God’s love.  Always invite people to join us on Sunday – give times.  Be yourself.

  5. Please keep the gym door by the Vending Machines clear.  We have a tendency to congregate there and it gets very congested.  Please ask people to find a seat in the bleachers.  Announcers may need to ask people to make room for others.  Also, announcers may need to make sure to ask people to STAY OFF THE COURT while games are in process. 

  6. Clean up at the end of the day is essential.  PLEASE stick around to help with clean up.  We must get the gym ready for KIDCITY on Sunday.  Swept, mopped (where needed) tables set up, stage area, bleachers, portable walls, etc.

Hallways need swept.Restrooms cleaned. Any rooms used need cleaned.


Every year, we learn how to do things better.  The opening night is always exciting and a learning curve till everyone gets in their rhythm.   Together, we can do this.  BASKETBALL and CHEER continues to be a very effective OUTREACH ministry for BFWC. 


Be honorable.

Be respectful.

No attitudes.

No negativity.



If you have a problem with someone…go to them. NOT anyone else.  We are here for a PURPOSE and it’s really not even about the BASKETBALL or CHEER … it’s about sharing JESUS and His LOVE.  We will use BASKETBALL & CHEER as a TOOL to make that happen.


Also, on another note:


  • Be faithful in your church attendance on WEDNESDAY’S and SUNDAY’S.  That is your PRIMARY.  Everything else is your secondary.


At BFWC, we are maturing in Christ & reaching in love!




Pastor Hylton

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