Genesis 2:15 "And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it."


God has blessed Bethel Family Worship Center with a beautiful campus and functional facility.  Used effectively it can help lead people to Christ and enhance the fellowship of Christians.  Just as God put Adam in the Garden of Eden, He has placed us here to glorify Him through our ministry and care of this facility.  These guidelines help ensure that we utilize the building and grounds to their greatest potential.




These guidelines help us manage our limited resources efficiently to better serve our various ministry efforts.  In addition, they promote a safe and secure environment for everyone that visits our campus.  It is the responsibility of each staff member to communicate these policies to volunteers in their ministry area. 


Because of the size of our facility and the many complexities that come with it, event scheduling must be coordinated through the church office.  This is necessary for the following reasons:


  • To avoid scheduling conflicts,

  • To ensure access to the building and reserved spaces,

  • To program our heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems for your event,

  • To abide by all fire and safety regulations, and

  • To treat all ministries equally.


Event Priority:


  • Priority 1:       BFWC ministry activities


  • Priority 2:       BFWC sponsored organizations

                             (Meetings/Events, Mission, etc.) 


  • Priority 3:       Member related events

                            (Weddings [see wedding guidelines], 50th anniversary parties,



  • Priority 4:       Community service organizations

                            (Neighborhood association meetings, civic organizations, etc.)


Facility Scheduling:


The Facility may be used Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., unless approved by the church office.


All facility usage requests are to be scheduled through the church’s office at 317-244-5835. Rooms may not be used unless approved. Scheduling conflicts should be resolved through the church office.  Phone conversations do not necessarily constitute a reservation.


An email confirming the status of your request will be sent to you once your event has been reviewed.


Individuals or organizations not associated with a BFWC ministry may be required to sign a facility usage contract for their event. If so, they will have 30 days after the approval of their event to sign and return the contract with their security deposit ($100.00). If the contract and/or deposit have not been returned, the reservation will be cancelled.  Outside organizations should provide a certificate of insurance that lists Bethel Family Worship Center as an additional insured.


Bethel Family Worship Center reserves the right to deny rental to any organization and/or person.


The contact person for any event that serves over 300 people should schedule a meeting with the church office to communicate specific needs at least two months prior to any event.


A Special Event Setup form should be submitted to the church office at least two weeks in advance for all events requesting special arrangements.


Church facilities are not available for fund raising, political events, or for soliciting business unless approved by the church leadership.


Please notify the church office as soon as possible if your event is cancelled or rescheduled.




As you are selecting the music for your event, please remember that we are a house of worship. Only music that is suitable for a church environment may be used.  No vulgar lyrics or vulgar/sensual dancing is allowed at any event on the church premises.  BFWC reserves the right to refuse any type of music that is vulgar lyrically or does not represent the values of BFWC.

Facility Usage:


Bethel Family Worship Center is a drug and alcohol free campus. The use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.


Groups and individuals using the facility agree to leave the areas they reserved in the condition they were found. 


Groups must stay within the area(s) that they reserved.


Parents must supervise their children at all times, unless left in a childcare room with an approved adult childcare provider.   The church will not provide childcare or the use of its children’s facilities for non-church related activities.


A fire-safe facility must be maintained at all times:


Stairs, exits and exit pathways should be unobstructed.


Use of any open flame device requires approval from the church office.


Hay and straw are not allowed in the building.


Artificial plants must be flame retardant and approved by the church office.


Anything hung from or posted on the ceilings must have proper hangers and approval from the church office.  


Food and open drinks are permitted in the following areas only:


  • Classrooms & Gym at any time.


  • Private offices, conference and workrooms.


  • In other areas as approved by the church office.


Red and purple colored drinks are not allowed anywhere in the building besides the Gym.


As approved by the church office, pets and other animals are only allowed in the building for educational purposes.  Certified service animals may enter the building at any time to perform their job.  All animals in the building must be adequately restrained in a cage, aquarium, or on a six foot leash.


Furniture, audio-visual equipment, or other items should not be moved from one room to another.  Audio equipment will only be available for use by authorized personnel trained by the Audio or Media Ministry.  Since the majority of technicians are volunteers, two week’s notice is required to request audio-visual equipment.


Equipment belonging to BFWC may not be removed from church property without approval of the church office.


All activities that involve throwing balls or other objects are restricted to the Gym.


All tricycles, scooters, roller blades and other recreation equipment may only be used in the Gym.


Window blinds can be adjusted during events to filter out light or other distractions.  When the event is over, the blinds should be left in the closed position.  Windows without blinds should not be covered without prior approval from the church office.


Thermostat programming should only be adjusted by office staff, according to the weekly event schedule. 


The event contact person shall be present during the entire event and will be accountable for the group’s activities.


Groups and individuals using the facility should conclude their activities; turn off the lights, and small appliances at the end of their approved reservation period.


Bethel Family Worship Center is not responsible for any damaged or missing personal items.


  • You are responsible for setting up, tearing down and clean up for all tables and chairs.

  • We DO NOT provide linens, chair covers, decor (center pieces, etc.) plastic ware, paper plates, etc. All of these are to be provided by you. 

  • Please do not assume because you see it, it may be used. Only specific equipment may be used during rental.


Facility Care:


  • Report broken or missing equipment to the church office through the email at info@bfwc.net


Caring For Our Floors:


  • No sand, confetti or glitter may be used in the building.


  • Only carpet or painters tape should be used on floor surfaces.  Please remove the tape from the floor when your activity is completed.


  • Spills should be reported to the church office as soon as possible.  If a member of the church office is not available, please blot spills with water soaked paper towels and dry with paper towels. 


Caring For Our Walls:


  • All permanent mounting to walls or ceilings must be approved by the church office.


  • All posters, signs, and banners must be approved and posted by the church office.


  • All displays in the foyer and common areas require approval of the church office.


  • Directional signs are available through the church office upon request.  Hand written signs are not permitted in the building.


  • Plasti-tak, sticki clips, or 3M Command mounting products may be used to attach items to the walls.


  • Tape should not be used on any wall surface or windows.


  • Tacks or other adhesives are not permitted to post material on any surface.


  • Signs may not be posted on wood surfaces, windows, or mirrors. 


Facility Access:


  • All requests for keys must be initiated and approved by appropriate ministry area prior to being fulfilled by the church office staff.


  • The church office is responsible for issuing all keys to access the buildings.


  • Keys may not be transferred from one person to another. 


  • Keys may not be duplicated.  Requests for additional keys may be made through the Facilities Ministry.


  • Report lost or stolen keys to the church office as soon as possible.  Key holders will be charged five dollars ($25) per lost key.



Building Use Fees:


Priority 3 & 4 events may be charged a usage fee based on the following rates.  A separate fee schedule applies to weddings (see Wedding Policy).  A deposit of $100 is due upon scheduling your event.


                                                             Non-member Rate                    Member Rate


Rooms for <25                                              $100                                        $ 50


Rooms for 25-50                                            150                                            75


Gym                                                                 300                                          150


Worship Center                                              600*                                       600*


  • *Note 1 – No change between non-member and member rate.  The $600 includes cleaning fee.


  • Note 2 – None of the above includes technical fees.  Sound and lighting technicians’ fees will be assessed separately.


Any exceptions to these policies and guidelines will require the approval of the building usage team and/or the Elders.